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Roseau Lake Bottom

Description / Location:


The Lake Bottom area is located innorthwestern Minnesota near the Canadian Border.  The stated purpose of the project is wildlife enhancement and flood control.  
The Lake Bottom has provided many years of flood control benefits to the area, but over the years it has become evident that having the ability to control the timing of when the Roseau River floods the Lake Bottom would be beneficial.  The Lake Bottom area currently floods with “early water”, which diminishes or eliminates the available flood storage when the flood peak of the Roseau River moves through the area.

Project Benefits:

This is a multi-purpose project intended to accomplish the following:

Flood Control:
Habitat Restoration:

Stream flow augmentation, improved dissolved oxygen levels, enhanced fish habitat, and improved water level management.

Erosion Reduction:

Reduction in riverbank erosion and bank sloughing on the Roseau River.

Project Partners:

Red River Watershed Management Board and State of Minnesota Flood Damage Reduction Program

Additional Information:

Concept Report

Printable Project Summary

Preliminary Engineers Report

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