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Beltrami Area Project


Roseau River Watershed District   

Description / Location:

Beltrami Area Project

The Roseau River Watershed and its project team are working to develop an overall water management plan for this approximately 477 square mile subwatershed. This area is located in the upper portion of the Roseau River Watershed generally above the City of Roseau. This plan will identify both flood damage reduction and natural resource needs within the subwatershed. The plan will provide additional flood storage to assist with local, regional and basin flood damage reduction efforts. Due to the size of the planning region, it is anticipated that the project(s) will be implemented in 3-5 phases.

Project Benefits:

This is a multi-purpose project intended to accomplish the following:

Flood Control:

The overall project will provide approximately 55,000 ac-ft of gated retention within the Upper Roseau and Hay Creek Subwatersheds. This will provide both local and Red River flood damage reduction and is consistent with the Red River Basin Commission – Long-Term Flood Solutions Plan for reducing flows on the Red River.

Water quality

The Roseau River is currently listed as impaired water for turbidity. In addition, to reducing bank erosion, the retention site(s) will improve downstream water quality by allowing suspended sediment to settle out and reduce turbidity in the river.

wildlife and habitat

The establishment of the permanent vegetation within portions of the watershed will improve wildlife habitat.

Project Partners:

Cooperative Project between MNDNR, Townships, RRWD, and State of Minnesota Flood Damage Reduction Program.

Public Meetings:

On July 11, 2016 thre was a Public Scoping Meeting in order to provide an overview of the PL566 Planning Process. The public was invited to comment on concerns regarding the Beltrami Island Watershed and was informed on future planning processes.

On February 1, 2017, the RRWD board heard an update of the project which can be viewed by clicking here.