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District Ditches

The Roseau River Watershed District is the Ditch Authority for the following systems.

Watershed Ditch No.1 and Roseau County Ditch No. 16

WD No.1 is a one mile ditch plus additional outlet for lands drained by Roseau County Ditch Number 16.  It is located on the west side of Sections 34 and 27, Dieter Township and drains lands in Dieter and Ross Townships.

CD No. 16 is located in Deter and Ross Townships, was turned over for administration and management to the Watershed District.


Watershed Ditch No.3

This ditch system consists of three laterals draining lands in Ross, Moose, Dieter, and Pohlitz Townships.  A segment of lateral 1 was completed in the fall of 2006 from County Road #10 south along the east side of section 32 of Dieter Township south ¾ mile. The described portion of the ditch was moved to the east approximately 65 feet in order to provide a 4:1 side slope to prevent sloughing that was occurring along the road.


State Ditch No. 51

Originally established by the State of Minnesota it consisted of 10 river cutoffs constructed in 1906-1907 time frame.  In 1914 to 1918, the ditch was improved when the State of Minnesota dug the river channel from the Canadian State Ditch51border to and around the RoseauLakebed.  That expansion paralleled Cutoff Number 10 in Kittson County and followed the other cutoffs constructed in 1906 and 1907.  In 1988, SD 51 was expanded when the Roseau County Board of Commissioners turned over the Roseau River and Roseau Lake Bottom portions of Judicial Ditch No. 61 and State Ditch No. 37 to the Roseau River Watershed District. Under Minnesota Statute Authority, these ditches were combined with State Ditch No. 51 at a hearing conducted on October 11, 1988 and continued and concluded on November 1, 1988.  The redetermination of benefits process found in excess of 9 million dollars in ditch benefits. 


RC Ditch 8
Roseau County Ditch No.8

This ditch, located in Jadis and Stafford Townships, was turned over for administration and management to the Watershed District. The ditch capacity is under designed and past attempts to consider improvements have failed.  In 2005 the RRWD Board of Managers directed JOR Engineering to do a complete survey of the ditch system, to determine the condition of the system.