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Welcome to the Roseau River
Watershed District

Home page pictureThe Roseau River Watershed District (RRWD) is located in the northern part of the Minnesota portion of the Red River of the North. The District is bordered by Canada to the north, Warroad River and Rapid River basins to the east, the Red Lake River basin to the south, and the Two Rivers basin to the west.

The Roseau River Watershed encompasses an area of about 2,057 square miles in the U.S. and Canada. This drainage system is located in Northwestern Minnesota and South Central Manitoba, Canada and is part of the Red River Basin and the Hudson Bay drainage system. The outlet of the Roseau River into the Red River of the North is approximately 9 miles north of the International Border. Of the lands drained by the Roseau River watershed, 52% are in the United States and 48% in the Province of Manitoba, Canada. The RRWD is located entirely within the bed of glacial Lake Agassiz. Therefore, the topography is nearly level except for linear beach ridges that run through the basin.

The United States portion of the RRWD is approximately 1,147 square miles or 734,800 acres. Approximately 645,900 acres (88%) of the RRWD land is located in Roseau County with the remaining 88,090 acres located in the counties of: Kittson (2%), Lake of the Woods (5%), Beltrami (4%) and Marshall (1%). The upper portion of the RRWD comprising the headwaters and tributaries is fan shaped and the remaining portion is long and narrow like the neck of the bottle. The overall length of the basin is about 110 miles and the maximum width is 30 miles in the United States portion.

The RRWD is bounded on the East by the Warroad River Watershed, on the Southeast by the Rapid River Watershed, on the South by the Red Lake River Watershed and on the Southwest and West by the Two River Watershed. The International Border defines the northern boundary of the District.