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Roseau River Watershed District History


The Roseau River Drainage and Conservancy District, having been established by Order of the District Court, Roseau County, dated August 13, 1920, under the provisions of Chapter 13, Laws of 1919, Special Session. In 1963, the Governing Body of the Roseau River Drainage and Conservancy District having petitioned the District Court, Roseau County as authorized in Minnesota Statutes, 112.74 for the right to operate and exercise all the rights and authority contained in Sections 112.34 – 112.83 of Minnesota Statutes.  The Court, having heard the evidence adduced by the petitioners in favor of granting their petition, did order on June 17, 1963 that from and after this date the, the Roseau River Drainage and Conservancy District and its Governing Board shall operate under and exercise all the rights and authority contained in Section 112.34 – 112.83 of Minnesota Statutes, known as the “Minnesota Watershed Act”, and shall hereafter be a Watershed District in accordance with the terms and provisions of the said “Minnesota Watershed Act”, and the County Board of Commissioners of Roseau and Kittson Counties having petitioned the Minnesota Water Resource Board on November 20, 1963, asking for a change in boundary, for a change in name of said District to Roseau River Watershed District, and to designate a place of business for the Watershed District, pursuant to the provisions of Minnesota Laws of 1955, Chapter 799, as amended, and the Minnesota Water Resource Board having held a hearing on February 19, 1964 in Roseau did order on March 18, 1964, the change in name of the Roseau River Drainage and Conservancy District to the Roseau River Watershed District, the City of Roseau to be the place of business of the Roseau River Watershed District, and did define the District’s boundary.

The board of managers initially adopted an Overall Plan for the RRWD on August 18, 1964.  The plan was submitted to the Minnesota Water Resource Board. The Minnesota Waters Resource Board on April 20, 1965 approved the Overall Plan.  In June of 2004 the Board of Managers approved an update of the Overall Plan.  The plan is on file in the Roseau River Watershed office and online at



It is the intention of the Board of Managers to manage the waters and related resources within the Roseau River Watershed District in a reasonable and orderly manner which will improve the general welfare and public health of the residents of the District.

The Board of Mangers accepts the responsibilities with which they are charged as a governing body by Minnesota Statutes. Said Board of Managers, in the conduct of the duties and responsibilities conferred upon them, do not intend to usurp the authority or responsibilities of other agencies or governing bodies, however, said Board of Managers will not avoid their responsibilities and obligations.

It is the stated intent of the Managers herein that no person shall be deprived or divested of any previously established beneficial use or right, by any rules of the District, without due process of law. All rules of this district shall be construed according to this intention.