The Roseau West Interceptor Project was completed in 2008 with purposes of flood control and natural resource enhancements. The project was designed to reduce flood damage to the City of Roseau by re-routing waters which flowedoverland into the west side of the city. These waters also strained the storm sewer system causing even greater damage to the portions of the city west of the Roseau River.

Location and Purpose

The West Interceptor Project included the construction of a new 7.5 mile channelfrom two miles south of MN Highway 89/11 to an outlet in the Roseau River just over 5 miles northwest ofRoseau. The outlet location removes contributing flood waters to a downstream location far enough away from the city to prevent backwater effects. The channel was designed to prevent 100 year flood flows from damaging lands along the Interceptor's length.

Added Benefits

The West Interceptor Project provided for roughly 600 acres of prairie and wetland restoration. Ditch plugs aided in the restoration of wetlands, and the uplands were seeded with native grasses.