Project Purpose

The Whitney Lake subwatershed is located in northwest Minnesota near the Canadian border. Agricultural producers in the area suffer frequent inundation from even minor events in both the spring and summer causing crop loss and/or damage.

The purpose of the project is Flood Damage Reduction: Reduce damages to agricultural lands for a 10 year 24 hour storm (total 3.3 inches of precipitation) and reduce damages to roadways for a 25 year 24 hour storm event (total 3.9 inches of rainfall) in the Whitney Lake subwatershed.

The Project Team will identify problem areas, define strategic solutions to resolve those problems, and provide planning guidance to implement construction of retention and drainage projects.

Project Benefits
  • Reduce agricultural and private land damages
  • Reduce risk of road damages
  • Reduce peak flows during high runoff events
  • Contribute to regional goal of reducing peak flows to the Red River
  • Improve stability of watercourses
  • Reduce sediment and nutrient loading from upland sources
  • Improve water quality
  • Positive impact for wildlife and fish
Estimated Costs
  • Federal RCPP/USDA - $0.5 Million
  • State FDR - $3.75 Million
  • Local RRWMB - $1.83 Million
  • RRWD - $1.92 Million