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Welcome to the Roseau River
Watershed District

71_rosea_ovw.jpgBeginning with the 2018-2019 school year, the Roseau River Watershed District and the Roseau High School teamed up with the International Water Institute to resurrect the program in the high school. Students from Mr. Mack's 8th grade science classes ventured out to test water samples at various locations along the Roseau River. In all, 7 sites were monitored. According to Mr. Mack, "I thought that River Watch was great for students. Taking an active role in science and collecting meaningful, real world data made for an awesome learning experience. The class as a whole learned a lot through graphing our data as well and explored the relationship between Dissolved Oxygen and Water Temperature." Read More



River Trail Information!

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The Roseau River Water Trail Masterplan proposes designs for six sites that were selected along the Roseau River that are signifi cant in terms of access and use of the Roseau River at the following specifi c locations: Hayes Lake State Park, Malung Town Hall, City Park, City Center, Stoe's Bridge and Ross Town Hall.

It is the intent of the Roseau River Watershed District (RRWD), a local governmental agency in Roseau County, to work with project partners to plan, implement, and promote the Roseau River as a water trail. A water trail is a stretch of river or lake that is mapped and managed for recreation. For more information, click here.